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There’s nothing wrong with feeling validated by other people. In fact, it’s awesome to get a few compliments that make you feel good inside. However, it becomes a huge problem when that’s your only source of affirmation and feeling good. As the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we know how to feel confident and secure in yourself without constant validation from others. Doesn’t that sound great?

With the new year here, it’s the perfect time to make some positive changes in your life.

Are you looking for ways to validate yourself? Do you want to boost your self-esteem in 2020? We’re behind you!

5 Ways to Validate Yourself

Let our Los Angeles matchmakers help you strengthen your ability to give yourself all the love in the world without relying on others to do it for you. As the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we’re here to share our vast knowledge with you. Discover simple ways to validate yourself in the new year.

  1. Improve your self-awareness.

When you become more aware of what’s going on in your life, it’s easier to provide genuine validation for yourself. You can be truly honest with yourself about everything that isn’t going right in your life, as well as your successes. During the entire process, you can be mindful of what you brought to the table. Then you can give yourself a pat on the back, knowing you’re okay and you can keep your eyes open to the truth.

  1. Start speaking to nicely to yourself.

We know this sounds easier said than done. It’s possible, though! Start practicing small mantras to start feeling better about yourself. How about “You’re good enough as you are,” or “You’re doing a wonderful job.” Believe us, these are great ways to give yourself validation every day. With a little practice, they become more and more believable and even often become your go-to responses. A little kindness to yourself can go a long way in how you feel about yourself each and every day.

  1. Let your emotions and feelings be.

It’s so easy to want to change your feelings. This is especially true if you’re feeling down and out. As a result, you may try to cover it all up in positivity. While being positive is a wonderful thing, it’s not good when you’re doing so at the expense of truly feeling what’s going on in the moment.

Let your emotions and feelings come out. Let yourself feel what you’re feeling right at that moment. Give your emotions time and space to breathe and run their course. All things will become better with time.

  1. Ask yourself what you need.

At any given time, what do you need? You can treat yourself like a child if that helps you out. Speak to yourself as lovingly as you can. Make sure you’re giving yourself space to answer these questions, though. In other words, don’t just stay busy all the time. Slow down a little in order to look inward. Then go ahead and give yourself whatever you need.

  1. Celebrate any victory.

When you do something good in life, be sure to celebrate it. You’re a wonderful person, and you’re deserving of your own celebration. In doing this, it helps you build up self-esteem. Similarly, it helps you build beliefs in the capable person that you are. No victory is too small for a celebration. You can give yourself a nice gift, play your favorite song, or take yourself out to eat. It doesn’t matter what you do to celebrate your victory, just do something nice for yourself.

Even the most confident people out there can use a little self-esteem booster from time to time. There is nothing wrong with admitting your confidence could use some work. With the new year here, what better time to start? Use these five simple tips from the best matchmakers in Los Angeles and start reaping the benefits in your career, social, personal, and dating life.

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